What Do Doctors Say about E-Cigarettes?

When I first told my primary care doctor that I had finally quit smoking traditional cigarettes by using e-cigarettes, he was thrilled at the good news!

As physicians tend to do with their smoker patients, he had hounded me for years about giving up tobacco. And at every single office visit, I would get “the lecture.” He would also offer me literature on smoking cessation programs, as well as prescriptions for expensive medications which claim to help with quitting.

And every single time, I responded by saying I wasn’t ready. In fact, I was even a little scared… as I had attempted to stop a number of times before, but with no success.

(Of course, that was also before I had ever tried e-cigs!)

So, after I told him I had quit, I then asked him what he thought about electronic cigarettes, since I was now using them instead. Although I had already done my own research and was satisifed with what I read concerning their relative safety, I still thought it was important to hear my own doctor’s views.

Why? Because not only was he educated & trained at one of the top schools & hospitals in the region, but he’s also a very intelligent & experienced professional who keeps up-to-date on the latest medical studies. Basically, I trust him and value his expert opinion.

My Doctor’s Opinion on E-Cigs

“I put them in the same category as nicotine patches, gum & lozenges,” my doctor explained to me, referring to other smokeless & tobacco-free devices which deliver nicotine.

(As an aside, I’ve tried all of these before — and none even come close to how much more I enjoy my e-cigarettes!)

Anyway, he stated that he was glad that I finally quit the conventional tobacco cigarettes, since they could potentially cause damage to my health and possibly shorten my lifespan.

And he did mention to me that although nicotine can be addictive, by itself in moderate amounts it is nowhere near as bad as all the thousands of chemicals commonly found in tobacco smoke. (In fact, some research has suggested that lower amounts of nicotine may actually be therapeutic for certain conditions, per Wikipedia.)

Essentially, my doctor gave me the thumbs-up on e-cigs as a nicotine replacement!

Obviously I was very happy to hear that.

What about Other Doctors?

Common sense would dictate that if you ask just about any physician, they’ll probably say that anything which helps a smoker quit tobacco – or even just “cut back” / reduce his or her habit — is pretty much a good thing.

Anyway, I’d love to write more about medical research regarding the safety & any potential health risks (or lack thereof) of e-cigs, as well as the typical ingredients found in them, but I’ll have to save that for another post.

In the meantime, I’d be interested in hearing from others…

Have you ever asked your medical professionals about e-cigarettes? If so, what did they say about them? Share your comments below.

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